Hello everyone,

I am the main admin behind this account for Lee Min Ho. Lately, I’ve been receiving messages from fans asking for Lee Min Ho’s social accounts. The only active accounts that Lee Min Ho personally uses & that his company manages are these accounts listed below:

Here are links to Lee Minho’s Facebook, Twitter, Naver Line, Korean
& Japanese sites, M2Day, Weibo, & Youtube Accounts 🙂

THESE are OFFICIAL Accounts 🙂




*Naver Line:

1. First download the Naver Line App (on Itunes)

2. Then create account for yourself.

3.  Click on More … (on the very end of the right side)

4.  Click Official Accounts (the icon has a shield with a star)

5. Click Select Country

6. Click Singapore and you shall see “Lee Min Ho”, his name is right below Koda Kumi

7. Click Chat and you’re done!

*Lee Min Ho’s official Korean and Japanese sites :

-Korean site:

-Japanese site:

*M2DAY :

*Weibo :